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500kv SF6 device

500kv SF6 device

2011-11-750Hz 550KV 50KA ~0.3S~ ~180S~ ≤40ms 7.00bar ≥20 SF6 (20℃), (20℃)

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  • 500kV SF6 电流互感器电场研究与应用_图文_百度文库

    Translate this›百度文库›互联网2010-10-313 绝缘筒与中间屏蔽用绝缘螺栓连接的情况 由于整个 500kV SF6 电流互感器有 6 米多高,产品必须放倒运输,而 中间屏蔽和支持绝缘筒各 2 米多高,连接后装入复合外套绝缘子内, 中间又穿入引线管,对刚度要求较高。用绝缘螺栓连接需要加很高的 预紧力。Read: 136

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  • 500KV系统_图文_百度文库

    Translate this›百度文库›互联网2011-11-750Hz 550KV 50KA 开~0.3S~ 合开~180S~ 合开 ≤40ms 7.00bar ≥20 次 额定频率 最高运行电压 额定短路开断电流 额定操作顺序 全分闸时间 SF6 正常压力 (20℃) 开断额定短路电流, 不检修次数 操作机构 额定油压(20℃) 输出功率 额定转速 型 式 油泵组额定

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  • 230kV-500kV High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS)

    2018-10-23230kV-500kV High Voltage Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) Product Details: General: Gas Insulated Switchgear, abbreviated as GIS, is combined by circuit breaker, disconnector, earthing switches, lighting arrestor, PT(potential

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  • Inductive Voltage Transformer, PT, SSVT, Oil or SF6 Gas

    36kV…550kV SSVT-series, SF6 Gas insulated. 500kV, 420kV, 362kV, 300kV, 245kV 170kV 145kV 123kV 72.5kV 52kV, 36kV High voltage Voltage transformer, potential transformer,high voltage inductive voltage transformer, station service voltage transformer PT, VT, IVT, SSVT.

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    Two Cases of SF6 CT Faults Detection Report Technical Support 500KV Tank Lighting Arrestor Fault Detected by Our Compnay in Huanghua Power Plant

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  • 420kv High Voltage Sf6 Gas Insulated Outdoor Station

    It is a single-phase power transformer which the insulation material is SF6 gas. The bushing of the power transformer is made by silicon rubber or porcelain (for standalone installation). There are some aluminium electrodes inside the power transformer, to improve the electric field distribution inside.

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  • SF6 Gas gas-filled electronic weighing device

    SF6 Gas gas-filled electronic weighing device. DILO sf 6 gas gas handling Zero emissions and maximum gas re-use. sf6 gas-gas is a non-toxic, inert insulating and quenching gas of high dielectric strength and thermal stability. Due to its first-class properties it is used in enclosed medium and high voltage switchgear as an arc quenching and insulating gas.

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  • 在线监测系统在龙滩水电站的应用剖析_电力论文

    Translate this page2016-10-13绝缘油采用新疆克拉玛依生产的DB25环烷基石油。变压器高压侧采用ABB公司生产的RTKJ系列合成树脂浸渍纸绝缘油-SF6套管与500kV SF6管线连接,低压侧采用ABB公司生产的 RTXF系列合成树脂浸渍纸绝缘油-空气纯瓷套管与18kV离相封闭母线相连接。

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  • 武汉华能阳光电气有限公司|官网-首页

    Translate this page解决方案. 10KV~500KV solution for substation test. 变电站试验10KV~500KV解决方案. Power bearing test solution. 电力承装承试解决方案. The solution of variable frequency series parallel resonance test device. 变频串并联谐振试验装置解决方案. Comprehensive experimental solution for transformer. 电力变压器综合试验解决方案.

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  • Fuse-switch Disconnector | CHINT

    LV Capacitor. Self-heating Shunt Capacitor. Intelligent Reactive Power Compensation Controller. Low Voltage VT AVR CT PT. Control Transformers. Automatic AC Voltage Regulators. Current Transformers. Uninterruptible Power Supply. Switch Disconnector, Fuse-switch Disconnector, Changeover Switch.

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